Vocals / Guitar

The Resurrected 
Once he was a man. Then he was used and discarded. Drained of life and left to rot. Yet he came back. And he had a purpose. Using the vast musical skills he had accumulated in his former life, the man, now known as Grim, set out to assemble his band of Heretics. 


Vocals / Guitar

The Observer
Always watching. He liked to watch. High on his place in the cornfield. The woman who placed him there told him it was his job to watch until it was time to join. He hadn't understood that at first, but when the Heretics arrived, everything was clear. Finalizing their ranks, he brought a perception that would help balance the group.

Mr. Cecil


The Butcher
He liked to talk. A lot. One day, a local witch became tired of the clever words that poured out of the hole in his face. She cut out his tongue. He doesn't speak now. He quietly runs a butcher shop you can only find on certain nights. As one of the Heretics, his only expression now is music. And occasional dismemberment.

Dr. NoMad


The Scientist
Always curious and tinkering from a young age. That curiosity got the better of him. After an unfortunate run-in tinkering at an old woman's house, he was cursed with knowledge. Everything a mad scientist could want to know. But no longer human, exactly. As one of the Heretics, he is able to bring his knowledge to the front, without giving away all his tricks.